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[GOOD MOVIES] of the week - VOL 1

MCO sucks, the food delivery sucks, the overtime working sucks and probably most of the surrounding sucks as well.

BUT good movies never suck, and here we are!

We've curated 3 movies and maybe these movies could make your days better.


1. NOMADLAND 游牧人生 (2020)

Starring Francis Mcdormand and directed by Chloé Zhao. Alright, this movie may not make you feel better but it's defo worth watching. This movie won the BEST PICTURE, BEST ACTRESS at the Oscars and yet, there's still many who have arguments about it. But for us, this movie feels like poetry on the absurdity of life. It is a slow paced melancholic movie so just be aware of that. Just in case you're looking for something more high energy and upbeat. - Benji

2. COHERENCE 彗星來的那一夜 (2013)

Everyone loves Christopher Nolan! If you are a fan of sci-fi, mystery, physics theory and the alternate universe, this is for you!

Not going to describe more about this movie in case of spoilers. If you're watching the trailer below, just know it's not a thriller it though it seems like it. Just watch it already! - Kai

3. SOUND OF METAL 金屬之聲 (2019)

This movie is about a drummer from a metal band who went deaf and how his life spiralled after losing his hearing. This movie won the BEST SOUND and BEST EDITING at the Oscars. What's so great about this movie is how they portrayed the first person perspective of sounds and noises as the drummer gradually loses his hearing. Quite an experience.

And the movie also shows how the the drummer responds and reacts to those unfortunate circumstances. Yes. It's a good movie. - Sean


If you've watched these movies, feel free comment your thoughts below! Or if you wanna recommend any movies, you may suggest it below.

Have a GOODTIMES mate!

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