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What the hell is GOOD TIMES?

Before getting started, we want to thank those who spent their precious time to read our bullshit.

At least, you guys made us like we have some existence value. (And we love you!)

Writing article is always a pain in the ass for me, cause we have to spend so much time and effort in order to write an article and probably not many people will give a shit to our articles too.

But f*** it, we still feel like using our words to express our thoughts and connect with more people in different scenes.

Sooooo.. Here goes our bullshit!


[ What the hell is GOOD TIMES? ]

For everyone's understanding about GOOD TIMES, maybe it is just a clothing brand. Or probably just a Malaysian local brand.

Well, that's not wrong to think so.

But the intention of starting GOOD TIMES for us is not just a clothing brand but building a platform to express ourselves and also showing more people about the stuff and sub-cultures that isn't usually shown in the mass market.

So why start a clothing label?

Well, it's simple. Because we love Fashion. Mainly it's because the sub-culture we started to get in touch in first is from the street culture fashion and music. So I went to study Fashion Design and after decided to start a label with my partner Skye.

Another thing is there are not many choices for fashion in Malaysia. The scenes have been dominated by some big corporate labels and leaving few small independent designers/brands that are still running their business. During that time, we were also inspired by the people who still hustled in these tough conditions and we really don't wish to see the culture that we love slowly fade away.

So here we are.

We believe that human is free once they have the free will to choose from different choices.

And we wanted to provide more choices for this tedious city.

The responsibility of consumers is to differentiate the choices in this massive information network and choose the one that is suitable for oneself.

There's no absolute right or wrong, the key is to find the one that fits ourselves.

Every form of creative work is all connected in a way.

From music, films to fashion, art and etc, they all share the same DNA.

And most of our collections are inspired by these sub-cultures.

We always get so much inspiration from different artists in different fields from their works and their view of the world.

And we feel it's kinda hard for people to know these cultural things as the mass media wouldn't give a shit on it.

So why not we use GOOD TIMES as a platform to share the music, films, literature, space and people we love.

We are also inputting some messages that we want to convey into our collection by using different kind of mediums.

Just like the aesthetic of cinematography.

The directors infusing all his/her ideas and experiences,

using different kind of techniques and mediums, presented into a unique kind of consciousness.

If you look closely, every little kind of detail speaks for itself.

And for each scene, each frame, each colour tone and even the background music, imbuing the movie with every little piece of its essence and finally delivering its own unique aftertaste.

Alright I know it's a little too much, but you get the idea yeah.

So since we've got so much inspiration from these artists.

We also want to share the same feeling to others, letting more people to understand about the sub-culture and the aesthetic of different fields.

Of course, we want people to get inspired by our platform and find their interests in this dull and boring city,

and start to influence more people around them and gathering friends who share the same interest.

By giving some excitement to this shitty world.

Alright guysss! It's time to get back to work.

You know business is getting hard nowadays.

By the way, for those who read all of our bullshit. We have a little surprise promotion for y'all!

Click here to see what's the promotion yeah!

So if you want to see more of our bullshit, please share it out to your friends.


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