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GOOD PEOPLE : Remembering Bill Cunningham

There’s tons and tons of street photographer out there but if we’re talking about the most iconic representative, no doubts that will be the greatest street photographer of all time, Bill Cunningham.

From my opinion not only his outstanding works that earned the respect of many but his perspectives of life. What Mr Bill Cunningham left for us is the passion and his appreciation of art and life. Mr Cunningham doesn’t only pay attention to famous people as he never did things just for fame or money. And even he lived in a small apartment, he never complaint a shit of it. He don't really give a damn about money!

“Money is the cheapest thing, liberty and freedom is the most expensive.”

For what we see today, everybody seeking for attentions, fame or maybe money and fall into the society traps. We hope that more and more people would see how Mr Bill live his life and what he left behind.

The real purpose of LIFE.

Some of Bill Cunningham's photos