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Sorry Daidō Moriyama | 對不起 森山大道

Hi guys,

Yes it's me again. And yes we have something to share with you guys again! This time it's just some random stuff going around and I feel it's kinda dope to share this hilarious shit with you guys so I'm just gonna make it short and quick.

So I went to Tokyo last month (really have to say a huge thank you to Tunway, he's the man) and as usual, the city is crazy awesome and I think we'll just gonna skip that " how lovely is that city " kind of intro because I'm not gonna waste your precious time.

Me and Tunway were roaming around Shibuya before we heading to Mt Fuji for Kaws: Holiday. And we randomly stop by at a film camera shop (I guess) and I saw there are buckets full of films and disposable cameras. So I saw they're selling Ilford XP2 disposable camera and I picked it up and thinking holy shit I should shoot some B&W photos like Daido Moriyama!! What a brilliant idea!! And of course I bought it and I was in this freaking Moriyama mood to shoot every single shot.

Last week, I went to develop the film (in Color dot com if you're asking) and I was damn surprised when I saw the photos.

What the fork is this!

What the fork is happening!

It was bad. Everything is out of composition. The lighting sucks. And my bloody finger..

Or probably just me being sucks in photography. Guess I should just get my ass back to my desk and keep doing my shit.

But you know what,

if you can explain a shitty art, it could be a something else too. So I'll just gonna do it the same.

Daido Moriyama once said

Photography is not a means by which to create beautiful art but a unique way of encountering genuine reality

so I decide to name this album..

"Sorry Daido Moriyama"